Anomaly detection monitoring status

Anomaly detection monitoring status is available in application queries, widgets and asset pages.

Anomaly detection monitoring status

For each application, you will see one of the following:

  • OK

    No problems are detected.

  • Learning

    The anomaly detection server is fetching up to 14 days of performance data, and loading it into the anomaly detection engine.

  • Exceeds maximum assets

    The maximum number of assets being monitored for an application has been exceeded. No more than 4000 assets can be monitored for an application. Monitoring is paused until the number of assets is less than or equal to 4000. Reduce the number of assets being monitored to continue monitoring.

  • Failed

    The connection to the anomaly detection server has failed.

  • Not monitored

    Monitoring is turned off for the application. In queries and widgets, this field is left blank.