Uninstall the ONTAP Mediator service

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If necessary, you can remove the ONTAP Mediator service.

Before you begin

The Mediator must be disconnected from ONTAP before you remove the Mediator service.

About this task

This task is performed on the Linux host on which the ONTAP Mediator service is installed.

If you are unable to reach this command, you might need to run the command using the full path as shown in the following example:


  1. Uninstall the ONTAP Mediator service:


     [root@mediator-host ~]# uninstall_ontap_mediator
     ONTAP Mediator: Self Extracting Uninstaller
     + Removing ONTAP Mediator. (Log: /tmp/ontap_mediator.GmRGdA/uninstall_ontap_mediator/remove.log)
     + Remove successful.
     [root@mediator-host ~]#