Where to find additional information

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Additional documentation is available to help you activate the destination volume to test the disaster recovery setup or when a disaster occurs. You can also learn more about how to reactivate the source volume after the disaster.

  • Volume disaster recovery

    Describes how to quickly activate a destination volume after a disaster and then reactivate the source volume in ONTAP.

  • Data protection

    Describes how to prevent data loss using Snapshot copies and SnapMirror replication to a remote system

  • Active IQ Unified Manager 9.8 Workflow for Managing Cluster Health

    Provides information about performing Active IQ Unified Manager (formerly OnCommand Unified Manager) tasks using the web UI and information about troubleshooting, as well as providing in-depth conceptual information.

  • ONTAP concepts

    Provides conceptual information about disaster recovery using SnapMirror technology.