Where to find additional information

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Additional information is available to help you to manage the SnapVault backup relationships and to use other methods of data protection to protect the availability of your data resources.

  • Volume disaster recovery preparation

    Describes how to quickly configure a destination volume on a different ONTAP cluster in preparation for disaster recovery.

  • Volume disaster recovery

    Describes how to quickly activate a destination volume from a different ONTAP cluster after a disaster, as well as how to restore the SnapMirror relationship to its original state by reactivating the source volume after its recovery.

  • Data protection

    Describes how to prevent data loss using Snapshot copies and SnapMirror replication to a remote system

  • Data protection using tape backup

    Describes how to back up and recover data using tape backup and recovery features in clusters, using NDMP and dump technologies.

  • ONTAP concepts

    Describes conceptual information about ONTAP clusters in preparation for disaster recovery.