Replace a Cisco Nexus 3232C cluster switch


You must be aware of certain configuration information, port connections and cabling requirements when you replace Cisco Nexus 3232C cluster switches.

You -ust verify the following conditions exist before installing the NX-OS software and RCFs on a Cisco Nexus cluster switch:

  • Your system can support Cisco Nexus 3232C switches.

  • The cluster must be fully functioning.

  • You must have consulted the switch compatibility table on the Cisco Ethernet Switch page for the supported ONTAP, NX-OS, and RCF versions.


    You should be aware there can be dependencies between command syntax in the RCF and NX-OS versions.

  • You must have referred to the appropriate software and upgrade guides available on the Cisco web site for complete documentation on the Cisco switch upgrade and downgrade procedures.

  • You must have downloaded the applicable RCFs.