Set up and configure the NVIDIA SN2100 switches

Contributors netapp-yvonneo

The NVIDIA SN2100 switch is a 10/25/40/100 Gb Ethernet switch running Cumulus Linux. The SN2100 switch serves Cluster and Storage applications in ONTAP 9.10.1P3 over different switch-pairs.

Cumulus Linux (CL) OS can be installed either when the switch is running Cumulus Linux or ONIE. For this release, Cumulus Linux version 4.4.2 is supported.

Note The procedures here use Network Command Line Utility (NCLU) which is a command line interface that ensures Cumulus Linux is fully accessible to all. The net command is the wrapper utility you use to execute actions from a terminal.
Important When using breakout cables for 10G and 25G, make sure that auto-negotiation is off and hard set the port speed on the switch. See Cabling and configuration considerations for further details.