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This procedure describes how to upgrade the controller hardware using aggregate relocation (ARL) for the following system configuration:

Method ONTAP version Supported systems Description

Using system controller replace commands

9.10 or later

AFF A700 to AFF A900

Converts an AFF A700 to an AFF A900 by keeping the same chassis

You can nondisruptively upgrade controller hardware on a high availability (HA) pair of AFF A700 nodes to an AFF A900 system by swapping the controller module and the NVRAM module. You migrate the non-root aggregates between the AFF A700 nodes. After installation, you then migrate the non-root aggregates from the AFF A700 nodes to the AFF A900 nodes. The data hosted on the nodes that you are upgrading is accessible during the upgrade procedure.

About this task

During this controller upgrade procedure, you upgrade an AFF A700 to an AFF A900 system.

Note You swap only the two field replaceable units (FRUs) on each node on the AFF A700 system with the new FRUs. You do not need to move, disconnect, or reconnect the I/O cards, data cables, disk shelves, and disks.

This procedure uses a method called aggregate relocation (ARL), which takes advantage of the HA configuration to enable you to move ownership of non-root aggregates from one node to another if they share storage within the same cluster.

During the procedure, you upgrade the original controller hardware with the replacement controller hardware, relocating the ownership of non-root aggregates. You migrate aggregates multiple times from node to node to ensure that at least one node is serving data from the aggregates throughout the upgrade procedure. You also migrate data LIFs between nodes in the cluster as you proceed.

Note The terms node1 and node2, are used only as a reference to node names in this document. When following the procedure, you must substitute the real names of your nodes.
Important information
  • This procedure is complex and assumes that you have advanced ONTAP administration skills. You also should read and understand the Guidelines for upgrading from an AFF A700 to an AFF A900 with ARL and the Overview of the ARL upgrade sections before beginning the upgrade.

  • This procedure assumes that the replacement controller hardware is new and has not been used in another system. The steps required to prepare used controllers with the wipeconfig command are not included in this procedure. You must contact technical support if the replacement controller hardware was previously used as part of another ONTAP cluster or as a standalone single node system.

  • You can use this procedure to upgrade the controller hardware in clusters with more than two nodes; however, you need to perform the procedure separately for each HA pair in the cluster.

  • This procedure applies only to AFF A700 systems. For all other controller models that need upgrading to an AFF A900 system, refer to References to link to the Use "system controller replace" commands to upgrade controller hardware running ONTAP 9.8 or later and the Using Aggregate Relocation to Manually Upgrade Controller Hardware Running ONTAP 9.8 or Later content.

  • The AFF A900 systems only support high-line power (200V to 240V). If your AFF A700 system is running on low-line power (100V to 120V), you must convert the AFF A700 input power before using this procedure.

  • If you are upgrading from an AFF A700 system with downtime, you can upgrade controller hardware by moving storage or contact technical support. Refer to References to link to Upgrade by moving volumes or storage.