How to use online command-line help

Contributors netapp-martyh

You can get command-line syntax help from the command line by entering the name of the command followed by help or the question mark (?).

The fonts or symbols used in syntax help are as follows:

  • keyword

    Specifies the name of a command or an option that must be entered as shown.

  • < > (less than, greater than symbols)

    Specify that you must replace the variable identified inside the symbols with a value.

  • | (pipe)

    Indicates that you must choose one of the elements on either side of the pipe.

  • [ ] (brackets)

    Indicate that the element inside the brackets is optional.

  • { } (braces)

    Indicate that the element inside the braces is required.

You can also type the question mark at the command line for a list of all the commands that are available at the current level of administration (administrative or advanced).

The following example shows the result of entering the environment help command at the storage system command line. The command output displays the syntax help for the environment commands.

toaster> environment help
Usage: environment status |
[status] [shelf [<adapter>]] |
[status] [shelf_log] |
[status] [shelf_stats] |
[status] [shelf_power_status] |
[status] [chassis [all | list-sensors | Fan | Power | Temp | Power Supply | RTC Battery | NVRAM4-temperature-7 | NVRAM4-battery-7]]