Required tools and documentation

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You must have specific tools to install the new hardware, and you need to reference other documents during the upgrade process. You also need to record information essential to completing the controller upgrade; a worksheet is provided to record information.

You need the following tools to perform the upgrade:

  • Grounding strap

  • #2 Phillips screwdriver

Document Contents

ONTAP 9 Software Setup Guide

Describes how to set up and configure NetApp systems

ONTAP 9 System Administration Reference

Describes how to administer ONTAP systems, shows you how to use the CLI interface, how to access the cluster, how to manage nodes, and much more

ONTAP 9 Upgrade and Revert/Downgrade Guide

Contains instructions for downloading and upgrading ONTAP

ONTAP 9 Disks and Aggregates Power Guide

Describes how to manage ONTAP physical storage, shows you how to create, expand, and manage aggregates, how to work with Flash Pool aggregates, how to manage disks, and how to manage RAID policies

ONTAP 9 Logical Storage Management Guide

Describes how to efficiently manage your logical storage resources, using volumes, FlexClone volumes, files and LUNs, FlexCache volumes, deduplication, compression, qtrees, and quotas

Installation and Setup Instructions for the model of the new nodes

Contains instructions for installing and cabling the new system

FlexArray Virtualization Installation Requirements and Reference Guide

Contains cabling instructions and other information for FlexArray Virtualization systems

Hardware Universe

Contains information about system LEDs and system messages to aid troubleshooting

The appropriate disk shelf guide

Contains instructions for installing and monitoring disk shelves and replacing disk shelf devices

ONTAP 9 SAN Administration Guide

Describes how to configure and manage iSCSI and FC protocols for SAN environments

ONTAP 9 SAN Configuration Guide

Contains information about FC and iSCSI topologies and wiring schemes

The NetApp Support Site also contains documentation about network interface cards (NICs) and other hardware that you might use with your system. It also contains the Hardware Universe, which provides information about the hardware that the new system supports. See the ONTAP 9 Documentation Center to access ONTAP 9 product documentation.