Set queue depths on Solaris hosts


You can set the LUN and HBA queue depth for your Solaris hosts.

About this task
  • For LUN queue depth: The number of LUNs in use on a host multiplied by the per-LUN throttle (lun-queue-depth) must be less than or equal to the tgt-queue-depth value on the host.

  • For queue depth in a Sun stack: The native drivers do not allow for per LUN or per target max_throttle settings at the HBA level. The recommended method for setting the max_throttle value for native drivers is on a per-device type (VID_PID) level in the /kernel/drv/sd.conf and /kernel/drv/ssd.conf files. The host utility sets this value to 64 for MPxIO configurations and 8 for Veritas DMP configurations.

  1. # cd/kernel/drv

  2. # vi lpfc.conf

  3. Search for /tft-queue (/tgt-queue)



    The default value is set to 32 at installation.

  4. Set the desired value based on the configuration of your environment.

  5. Save the file.

  6. Reboot the host using the sync; sync; sync; reboot -- -r command.