Mapping LUNs to the application hosts

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You must create an igroup on each cluster so you can map LUNs to the initiator on the application host.

About this task

You should perform this configuration on both the source and destination clusters.

  1. Create an igroup on each cluster:

    lun igroup create -igroup name -protocol fcp|iscsi -ostype os -initiator initiator_name


    lun igroup create -igroup ig1 -protocol iscsi -ostype linux -initiator -initiator
  2. Map LUNs to the igroup:

    lun map -path path_name -igroup igroup_name


    lun map -path /vol/src1/11 -group ig1
  3. Verify the LUNs are mapped:

    lun show

  4. On the application host, discover the new LUNs.