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Any regular user mailbox, whether protected or unprotected, consumes a license. Shared mailboxes do not consume a license.

Adding a license

If you have just received a license for a paid subscription, please go to Getting Started with a Paid Subscription and follow the sign up instructions. You will enter your license key as part of the sign up process.

If you are already using SaaS Backup, you can follow these steps to add additional licenses.

Education domains can have a license for faculty and a separate license for students.

  1. Click Services from the left navigation pane.
    Screenshot of services button

  2. Click bluecircle icon icon in the right corner.

  3. Enter the license information.

  4. Click Validate Subscription.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Click Save.

Activating an add-on license

After purchasing an add-on license, you must renew your subscription details inside of SaaS Backup in order to activate the license.

  1. Click Services from the left navigation pane.
    Screenshot of services button

  2. Click configure Icon icon in the right corner.

  3. Click Renew next to Subscription Details.
    Screenshot of renew icon

  4. Enter your username and password.

  5. Click Submit.

Releasing a user license

When a user license is released, the user is moved to the unprotected tier and backups for that user are discontinued.

  1. Click the configuration icon configure Icon next to your SaaS Backup userid in the top left corner.



  4. Under Release License, begin typing the account name for the user whose license you want to release.

  5. When the account is found, select it from the auto-populated list and click bluecircle icon.

  6. Add additional accounts, if needed.

  7. Click Release.

  8. Click Yes, please release license(s).

  9. Click Confirm.

Note: If you need to restore data for a user whose license has been released, you must contact the SaaS Backup Support team.