New features and updates

Contributors netapp-rlithman

The following new features and updates have been added to this release of NetApp SaaS Backup for Salesforce.

December 2020

  • SaaS Backup for Salesforce now restores metadata. This feature enhancement includes organization-level restores and granular-level single or multiple item restores for your metadata.

    Organization-level metadata restore

    Organization level metadata restore option cropped

    Granular-level metadata restore

    export and restore metadata options

  • The Backup summary is a feature enhancement in SaaS Backup for Salesforce which gives you the total number of all your created, updated, and deleted records. It allows you to check that the number of your backup records matches that of your Salesforce account.

October 2020

  • SaaS Backup for Salesforce now backs up metadata. This feature enhancement includes backups, object and organization level restores, and purges for the metadata you create. The UI also has a new tab Metadata Types and Components where you can see your metadata backups. These pages provide more information for this new feature:

  • Starting in October 2020, you can purge your data. Metadata is automatically purged after 90 days.

February 2020

You can now export data at the object and organization level. For each export, you can download attachments, results, and statistics from a previous backup.
Downloading export data