Enabling and disabling metadata backups

You can enable or disable metadata backups for Salesforce.

Enabling metadata backups

Enabling metadata backups provides metadata backups for all organizations within a tenant account.

  1. Click gear icon and select Salesforce under Services Settings.

    salesforce settings

  2. Click Enable Metadata Backup to turn the feature on.
    After enabled at the tenant level, metadata for all the organizations will be backed up.

Disabling metadata backups

You can disable metadata backups at the organization level. After metadata backups are enabled for all organizations, this allows you to control which organizations will not have metadata backups.

  1. To disable metadata backups, go to Services.

  2. Select Production Instances or Sandbox Instances.

  3. Select the number of Protected instances.

  4. Select the organization for which you want to disable metadata backups.

  5. Click on Metadata Backup to turn the feature off.

    disable metadata backup