Performing an immediate backup

Contributors netapp-rlithman

You can perform an immediate backup of your production or sandbox instance any time you deem necessary for data protection.

Note For the trial version of SaaS Backup for Salesforce, you can only perform three immediate backups per day.
  1. From the left-pane navigation, click Services.

  2. Click Production Instances or Sandbox Instances.
    production instances
    sandbox instances

  3. Select the correct instance you want to backup now.

    1. Click the number above PROTECTED INSTANCES, if the instance you want to back up is currently protected by a backup policy.

    2. Click the number above PENDING INSTANCES, if the backup status of the instance you want to back up is pending,

    3. Click the number above UNPROTECTED INSTANCES, if the instance you want to backup is currently unprotected by a backup policy.

  4. Click the name of the organization.

  5. Click Backup Now.
    A message appears indicating the selected organizations are being placed in the backup queue.

  6. Click Submit.