Purging data and metadata


You can purge data from Salesforce organizations. Purging your data at the organization level is managed in Account Settings.

Metadata retention and purges are automatically managed by SaaS Backup for Salesforce. Metadata is retained for 90 days. After 90 days, the metadata is purged.

Purging Data

You always have the option to purge data from a specific organization such as an unused Salesforce organization.

You can purge data to refresh production or sandbox instances.

You may also want to add another production or sandbox instance. To do so, you must purge a production or sandbox instance.

  1. Click gear icon and then click account settings.

  2. Click Retain and Purge.

  3. Under Retain and Purge, scroll down to Purge Data.

  4. Select the Type of Provider and Service Name.

  5. Search or select the organization ID.

  6. Click Save.
    A message pops up for you to confirm or cancel the purge.

  7. Click Yes to confirm the purge. If you click Yes, you can recover the purged data for up to seven days.

  8. Click Show Purged List to see a list of scheduled purges.

    example of purged list