Signing up for a Salesforce free sandbox account

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A Salesforce sandbox account allows you to test the functionality of SaaS Backup for Salesforce in a test environment before implementing it with your production account.

  1. Click here to start your free Salesforce sandbox account.

  2. Fill in the requested information, accept the Terms of Use, and click Sign me up to complete the sign-up process.

  3. Go to your email account to confirm and verify your new sandbox account.
    The link provided will prompt you to create a password for your account.

  4. In your newly created Salesforce sandbox account, you can move between the Lightning experience and the classic experience. To switch to the classic experience, click on the View Profile, then click on switch to Salesforce classic. This is optional.

  5. Click on the Setup tab.

  6. In the search bar, search Users and select Users.
    The name for the user profile system administrator is your email for this account.

  7. Select this email and reset the password.
    This is a required step because the sign-up does not give you the email and password to login.

  8. After you reset the password, you can use this email and password to login to the sandbox.

Note: Your new account will be prepopulated with sample objects and records.