Supported VMware guest OS platforms

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You can use the Plug-in for Windows for LUN provisioning and Snapshot copy management support on x64 guest operating systems running on supported versions of VMware ESXi.

The Plug-in for Windows supports the following VMware guest OS configurations:

  • Supported versions of Windows Server

  • Microsoft cluster configurations

    Support for up to a maximum of 16 nodes supported on VMware when using the Microsoft iSCSI Software Initiator, or up to two nodes using FC

  • RDM LUNs

    Support for a maximum of 56 RDM LUNs with four LSI Logic SCSI controllers for normal RDMS, or 42 RDM LUNs with three LSI Logic SCSI controllers on a VMware VM MSCS box-to-box Plug-in for Windows configuration

For the latest information about supported versions, see NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool.