VMware ESXi server-related limitations

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The SnapCenter Plug-in for Microsoft Windows is supported on VMware Windows guest. Before you use the Plug-in for Windows to perform provisioning and Snapshot copy management operations, you should be aware of some limitations.

  • Installing the Plug-in for Windows on a Microsoft cluster on virtual machines using ESXi credentials is not supported.

    You should use your vCenter credentials when installing the Plug-in for Windows on clustered virtual machines.

  • All clustered nodes must use the same target ID (on the virtual SCSI adapter) for the same clustered disk.

  • When you create an RDM LUN outside of the Plug-in for Windows, you must restart the plug-in service to enable it to recognize the newly created disk.

  • You cannot use iSCSI and FC initiators at the same time on a VMware guest OS.