Retrieve SnapCenter capacity-based license serial number

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Your SnapCenter capacity-based license serial number is available in your order confirmation or in your documentation package; however, if you do not have this serial number, you can retrieve it from the NetApp Support Site.

You must have valid NetApp Support Site login credentials. If you do not enter valid credentials, no information is returned for your search.


  1. Log in to the NetApp Support Site at

  2. Navigate to Systems > Software Licenses.

  3. In the Selection Criteria area, choose SC_STANDARD from the Show Me All: Serial Numbers and Licenses drop-down menu.

    nss license selection
  4. Type your company name, and then click Go!.

    The nine-digit SnapCenter license serial number, with the format 51xxxxxxx, is displayed.

  5. Record the SnapCenter license serial number.