Retrieve SnapCenter controller-based license serial number

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If you are using FAS or AFF storage, you can retrieve the SnapCenter controller-based license from the NetApp Support Site before you can install it using the ONTAP command line.

What you will need

  • You must have valid NetApp Support Site login credentials.

    If you do not enter valid credentials, no information is returned for your search.

  • You must have the controller serial number.


  1. Log in to the NetApp Support Site at

  2. Navigate to Systems > Software Licenses.

  3. In the Selection Criteria area, ensure Serial Number (located on back of unit) is selected, enter the controller serial number, and then click Go!.

    nss controller license select

    A list of licenses for the specified controller is displayed.

  4. Locate and record the SnapCenter Standard or SnapManagerSuite license.