Providing Temporary Access to 3rd Parties

Contributors tvanroo


Providing access to 3rd parties is a common practice when migrating to any cloud solution.

VDS Admins often elect to not give these 3rd parties the same level of access that they have, to follow a “least required” security access policy.

To set up admin access for 3rd parties, log into VDS and navigate to the Organizations module, click into the organization and click Users & Groups.

Next, create a new User account for the 3rd party and scroll down until you see the Admin Access section and check the box to enable admin rights.


The VDS Admin is then presented with the Admin Access setup screen. There is no need to change user’s name, login or password – just add phone number and/or email if you want to enforce Multi-Factor Authentication and select the level of access to grant.

For database administrators like a VAR or ISV, Servers is commonly the only access module required.


Once saved, the End User gains access to self-management functions by logging into VDS with their standard Virtual Desktop user credentials.

When the newly created User logs in, they will only see the modules you have assigned to them. They can select the organization, scroll down to the Servers section and connect to the server name you tell them to (say, <XYZ>D1, where XYZ is your company code and D1 designates that the server is a Data server. In the example below, we would tell them to connect to the TSD1 server to perform their assignments.