Command Center Command: Copy Template to Gallery

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Command Center Warning

Caution The Command Center is an application that runs on the CWMGR1 Platform Server in the Deployment. This application was designed for troubleshooting, diagnostic and advanced management functions. This application is primarily used by NetApp’s internal development and support teams however some functions are occasionally used by customer admins. This documentation is provided to support the use of selection functions. Use of these commands should be done with care and in collaboration with the NetApp support team. More information can be found in the Command Center Overview article.
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When a VDI Provisioning Collection is finalized the image is stored in Azure as an Image and can be deployed within the same VDS Site. In order to make the image available for deployment in another Azure region within the same Subscription the "Copy Template to Gallery" function is used. This action will copy the VM image to the Shared gallery and replicate it to all the selected regions.

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VM Template Availability in VDS Dropdown

Once the replication has completed, the image will show in VDS in the dropdown for selecting VM Templates when deploying new VMs. The shared image will be available for deployment into any region that is selected when copying.

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VM Images stored in the Shared Gallery are appended with their version in the form of "-x.x.x" where the version matches the image version within the Azure Portal.

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Note The replication fo the image can take a while (depending on the size of the image) and the status can be see by clicking on the version (e.g. 1.0.0) in the "Name" column as highlighted in the screenshot above.

Regional Availability

Deployments can only be performed into the regions where the image has been replicated. This can be checked in the Azure portal by clicking on the 1.x.x and then on Update Replication as shown here:

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