Command Center Command: Overview


The Command Center is an executable that runs on the CWMGR1 Platform Server in the Deployment. It is accessed by connecting to the CWMGR1 VM and executing it locally on that VM.

This application was designed for troubleshooting, diagnostic and advanced management functions. This application is primarily used by NetApp’s internal development and support teams however some functions are occasionally used by customer admins. This documentation is provided to support the use of selection functions. Use of these commands should be done with care and in collaboration with the NetApp support team.

Running Command Center

To run the Command Center application:
  1. Connect to the server from the VDS > Deployment > Platform Servers page click the Actions icon and select "Connect"

    Management.command center overview 68087
  2. When prompted for credentials enter domain admin credentials

    1. The user will need to be a member of the "CW-Infrastructure" security group. For consistency sake we recommend adding this membership by making the user a member fo the "Level 3 Technicians" group in AD > Cloud Workspace > Cloud Workspace Tech Users > Groups

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  3. Locate the desktop icon for Command Center and run it

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    1. To enable the advanced tab, launch the application with the "-showadvancedtab" switch.

Operations Tab

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From the Command menu you can select from a list of actions (listed below).

Once a command is selected, data can be populated with deployment data from the Load Data button. The Load Data button is also used to query the hypervisor for data once earlier selections are made (e.g. Loading a list of available backup dates after selecting a specific VM from a dropdown)

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After making selections on a command, clicking Execute Command will run the selected process.

To review logs, click the View All Logs button. The raw text file will open, with newest entries at the bottom.