Azure vCPU Core Quota

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View Current Quota

  1. Log into the Azure console and navigate to the Subscriptions module and click Quotas. Next, select all providers in the providers drop-down, select show all in the far-right drop down and select the Azure region in which your Cloud Workspace is deployed.


  2. Then you’ll see how much you’re consuming vs. how much quota you have available. In the image below, CloudJumper is consuming 42 CPUs out of the 350 CPUs available for the BS family of VMs.
    Increasing Quota


  3. If you want to increase your quota, click Request Increase and tell it what you want to increase (99% of the time this will be compute/CPUs).


  4. Select the region your Cloud Workspace is deployed in and the VM family you want to increase quota for.


  5. Enter your contact info and click Create to submit the request to Microsoft. They are usually VERY fast at increasing this.