What’s with all these emails?

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VDS sends a variety of nightly email reports. These are designed to summarize various aspects of your environment on a nightly basis to identify errors and exceptions. They are tuned to help large deployments where individually monitoring each tenant can be a significant task.

For smaller environments, these emails can be excessive or unnecessary.

The email address(es) that receive these reports are defined in the VDS Setup wizard on the Accounts Step.

After deployment, the addresses can be changed in the DCConfig utility. This is an application that runs on the CWMGR1 VM and exposes much of the more advanced and nuanced settings too advanced to expose in the VDS UI.

To change the email address that receives these reports edit the “ToAddress” field in DCConfig (under Configuration > Email) on the CWMGR1 VM. It is recommended to leave ddcnotifications@cloudjumper.com intact.

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