Adding storage systems to VSC

You can manually add storage system to Virtual Storage Console (VSC). If you have a large number of storage systems, manually adding a new storage system might be faster than using the REDISCOVER ALL option to discover the storage system.

About this task

Each time you start Virtual Storage Console (VSC) or select the REDISCOVER All option, VSC automatically discovers the available storage systems. Alternatively, you can manually add storage systems to VSC.


  1. Add a storage system to VSC by using the VSC home page:
    • Click Storage Systems > Add.
    • Click Overview > Getting Started, and then click ADD button under Add Storage System.
  2. In the Add Storage System dialog box, enter the management IP address and credentials for that storage system.
    You can also add storage systems using the IPv6 address of the cluster or SVM. You can also change the defaults for TLS and the port number in this dialog box.

    When you add storage from the VSC Storage System page, you must also specify the vCenter Server instance where the storage will be located. The Add Storage System dialog box provides a drop-down list of the available vCenter Server instances. VSC does not display this option if you are adding storage to a datacenter that is already associated with a vCenter Server instance.

  3. Click OK after you have added all of the required information.