Configuring guest operating system scripts

The ISO images of the guest operating system (OS) scripts are mounted on the Virtual Storage Console for VMware vSphereVirtual Storage Console server. To use the guest OS scripts to set the storage timeouts for virtual machines, you must mount the scripts from the vSphere Client.

Table 1. ISO locations for Guest Operating Systems
Operating System Type 60-second timeout settings 190-second timeout settings
Linux https://<appliance_ip>:8143/vsc/public/writable/linux_gos_timeout-install.iso https://<appliance_ip>:8143/vsc/public/writable/linux_gos_timeout_190-install.iso
Windows https://<appliance_ip>:8143/vsc/public/writable/windows_gos_timeout.iso https://<appliance_ip>:8143/vsc/public/writable/windows_gos_timeout_190.iso
Solaris https://<appliance_ip>:8143/vsc/public/writable/solaris_gos_timeout-install.iso https://<appliance_ip>:8143/vsc/public/writable/solaris_gos_timeout_190-install.iso

You should install the script from the copy of the VSC instance that is registered to the vCenter Server that manages the virtual machine. If your environment includes multiple vCenter Servers, you should select the server that contains the virtual machine for which you want to set the storage timeout values.

You should log in to the virtual machine, and then run the script to set the storage timeout values.