Installing OnCommand Workflow Automation on Linux

You can install OnCommand Workflow Automation (WFA) by using the command-line interface (CLI).

Before you begin

About this task

If you are installing WFA on a virtual machine (VM), the name of the VM must not include the underscore (_) character.

You can change the default installation location by entering the following command at the shell prompt: ./WFA-version_number.bin [-i WFA_install_directory] [-d mysql_data_directory]

If you change the default installation location, the MySQL data directory is not deleted when you uninstall WFA. You must manually delete the directory.


  1. Log in to the Linux server as a root user.
  2. Navigate to the directory where the executable .bin file is located.
  3. Install WFA by choosing one of the following methods:
    • Interactive installation
      1. Start the interactive session by executing the .bin file—for example: ./WFA-version_number.bin
      2. Enter the credentials for the default admin user, and then press Enter.

        You must note the credentials for the admin user and ensure that the password meets the following criteria:

        • Minimum six characters
        • One uppercase character
        • One lowercase character
        • One numeral
        • One special character
      3. Accept the default ports for WFA configuration or provide custom ports, and then press Enter.
      4. Specify your company name and a site name, and then press Enter.

        The site name can include the location of the WFA installation—for example, Pittsburgh, PA.

      5. Select Enable HTTP if you want WFA to use both HTTP and HTTPS for external communication, and press Enter.

        By default, WFA uses only HTTPS for external communication.

      6. Verify that WFA is installed successfully by choosing one of the following actions:
        • Access WFA through a web browser.
        • Ensure that the NetApp WFA Server service and the NetApp WFA Database service are running: service wfa-server status service wfa-db status
    • Silent installation

      At the shell prompt, enter the following command: ./WFA-version_number.bin [-u admin_user_ name] [-p admin_user_password] [-m https_port] [-n http_port] [-c company_name] [-s site_name] [-i install_directory] [-d mysql_data_directory] [-e {y|n}] [-y] [-b]

      If you want to perform a silent installation, you must specify values for all the command options. The command options are as follows:

      Option Description
      -y Option to skip

      Skips the installation confirmation

      -b Option to skip

      Skips creating a backup of the WFA database during an upgrade

      -u Admin user name
      -p Admin user password

      The admin user password must satisfy the following criteria:

      • Minimum six characters
      • One uppercase character
      • One lowercase character
      • One numeral
      • One special character
      -m HTTPS port
      -n HTTP port
      -e Option to enable

      Enables the HTTP port

      -s Site name
      -c Company name
      -i Installation directory path
      -d MySQL data directory
      -h Option to display

      Displays the Help