Enabling or disabling HTTP access to OnCommand Workflow Automation

By default, OnCommand Workflow Automation (WFA) can be accessed by a client machine only through HTTPS. The HTTPS-only access does not automatically redirect HTTP to HTTPS. You can enable or disable HTTP access to WFA.

Before you begin

You must have logged in to the WFA host system as an admin.

About this task

The default WFA installation path is used in this procedure. If you changed the default location during installation, you must use the changed WFA installation path.


  1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the following directory: WFA_install_location\WFA\bin
  2. Double-click the ps.cmd file.
    A PowerShell command-line interface (CLI) prompt opens with ONTAP and WFA modules loaded in it.
  3. Enable or disable HTTP access:
    To... Enter the following at the CLI prompt...
    Enable HTTP access Set-WfaConfig -Name HTTPAccess -Enable $true
    Disable HTTP access Set-WfaConfig -Name HTTPAccess -Enable $false
  4. When prompted, restart the WFA services.