Creating a function

You can create a WFA function that can be used as a utility, if there is no predefined WFA function that is suitable for your task.

Before you begin

You must know MVFLEX Expression Language (MVEL) syntaxes to create a function.

About this task

You must include the following for the function definitions:


  1. Click Designer > Functions.
  2. Click New icon on the toolbar.
  3. In the New Function dialog box, enter or select the required details in the Function description and Function definition fields.
    def actualVolumeSize(data_size, snap_pct) 
       if (snap_pct < 0 ) {
            snap_pct = 0;
       } else if (snap_pct > 99) {
            snap_pct = 99;
       div = 1 - (snap_pct/100); 
       return (int)(data_size/div);
    The Function name field is populated from the data that is used in the MVEL syntax.
  4. Optional: Click Test to test the function:
    1. In the Expression section of the Test dialog box, enter the required expression of function.
      actualVolumeSize(600, 1)
    2. Click Test.
      The test result is displayed.
    3. Close the dialog box.
  5. Click Save.