Upgrading from OnCommand Workflow Automation 3.1 or later

You can perform an in-place upgrade from OnCommand Workflow Automation (WFA) 3.1 or later to the latest available version of WFA to use the new features and enhancements.

Before you begin

You must have downloaded the .bin binary file from the NetApp Support Site to the WFA host machine.

About this task

You can restore to WFA 5.1 from either WFA 5.0 or 4.2 only. A WFA database backup can only be restored to a system that is running the same version or a later version of WFA.

The WFA 5.1 cluster connection needs to accept the SSL certificate. When updating from an earlier version of WFA to WFA 5.1, you need to certify the cluster connection. Save the cluster connection details for cluster certification after the in-place upgrade.

You cannot install MYSQL on your own when upgrading from earlier versions of WFA. You can install MySQL on your own:
  • When you are upgrading from WFA 4.2 to later versions of WFA.


Upgrade from WFA 3.1 or later by choosing one of the following methods: