event filter create

Create a new event filter.

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


The event filter create command creates a new event filter. An event filter is used to select the events of interest and is made up of one or more rules, each of which contains the following three fields: Rules are checked in the order they are listed for a filter, until a match is found. There is an implicit rule at the end that matches every event to be excluded. For more information, see the event filter rule command.

There are three system-defined event filters provided for your use:

The system-defined event filters cannot be modified or deleted.


-filter-name <text> - Filter Name
Use this mandatory parameter to specify the name of the event filter to create. An event filter name is 2 to 64 characters long. Valid characters are the following ASCII characters: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, "_", and "-". The name must start and end with: A-Z, a-z, "_", or 0-9.


The following example creates an event filter named filter1:
cluster1::> event filter create -filter-name filter1

cluster1::> event filter show
Filter Name Rule     Rule      Message Name           SNMP Trap Type  Severity
            Position Type
----------- -------- --------- ---------------------- --------------- --------
            1        include   *                      *               EMERGENCY, ALERT
            2        include   *                      Standard, Built-in
            3        exclude   *                      *               *
            1        exclude   *                      *               *
            1        include   *                      *               EMERGENCY, ALERT
            2        include   callhome.*             *               ERROR
            3        exclude   *                      *               *
            1        include   *                      *               EMERGENCY, ALERT, ERROR, NOTICE
            2        exclude   *                      *               *
9 entries were displayed.