qos policy-group delete

Delete an existing QoS Policy Group

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


The qos policy-group delete command deletes a policy group from a cluster. You cannot delete a policy group if a qos workload associated with storage object is assigned to it unless you use "-force". Using "-force" will delete all the qos workloads for storage objects associated with the specified policy groups.

You can only delete user-defined policy groups. You cannot delete preset policy groups.


-policy-group <text> - Policy Group Name
Specifies the name of the policy group that you want to delete.
[-force [true]] - Force Delete Workloads for the QoS Policy Group (privilege: advanced)
Specifies whether to delete a policy group along with any underlying workloads.


cluster1::> qos policy-group delete p1
cluster1::> qos policy-group delete p1 -force