vserver remove-protocols

Remove protocols from the Vserver

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


The vserver remove-protocols command removes the specified protocols from the specified Vserver. When you remove the protocols from a Vserver, the data access with respect to the removed protocols is disrupted.


-vserver <vserver> - Vserver
Specifies the Vserver that is to be modified.
-protocols {nfs|cifs|fcp|iscsi|ndmp|nvme}, ... - Protocols
This parameter specifies the list of protocols to be removed. on the Vserver. Possible values include nfs, cifs, fcp, iscsi, ndmp and nvme.


The following example shows removing protocol 'cifs' from a Vserver named vs0.example.com.
cluster1::> vserver remove-protocols -vserver vs0.example.com -protocols cifs