vserver stop

Stop a Vserver

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


The vserver stop command stops data access on a Vserver.


-vserver <vserver> - Vserver
This specifies the name of the Vserver on which the data access is to be stopped. This operation is only supported on a data Vserver.
Note: The name must be of 47 characters length or less.
[-foreground {true|false}] - Foreground Process
This specifies if vserver stop command should be executed in the foreground or background. If you do not enter this parameter, it is set to true, and the vserver stop command is executed in the foreground.


The following example stops data access on Vserver vs0.example.com in the background.
cluster1::> vserver stop -vserver vs0.example.com -foreground false