Upgrading or downgrading the nodes

Before joining the newly installed nodes to the cluster, you must ensure that they are running the same version of ONTAP that the cluster is running. If the nodes are running a different version, you must upgrade or downgrade the nodes to match the cluster.

Before you begin

You must know the version of ONTAP installed on the cluster (cluster image show).


  1. Set the privilege level to advanced, entering y when prompted to continue: set -privilege advanced
    The advanced prompt (*>) appears.
  2. View the current version of ONTAP on the nodes:
    1. On the first node, view the software version: system node image show
      ::*> system node image show
                       Is      Is                                Install
      Node     Image   Default Current Version                   Date
      -------- ------- ------- ------- ------------------------- -------------------
               image1  false   false   8.3RC1                    12/19/2014 03:01:02
               image1  true    true    8.3RC1                    01/05/2015 17:36:06
      2 entries were displayed.
    2. Repeat the previous step for the second node.
  3. Compare the versions of ONTAP on the cluster and the nodes, and perform either of the following actions:
    • If the versions are the same, skip the remaining steps in this procedure.
    • If the versions are different, install a different version of ONTAP on the nodes by following the remaining steps of this procedure.
  4. Obtain the appropriate software image:
    1. Identify an HTTP or FTP server from which the software image will be served.
    2. Locate the target ONTAP software in the Software Downloads area of the NetApp Support Site.
      Ensure that you select the software image for the platform module.
    3. Copy the software image (for example, 830_q_image.tgz) to the HTTP or FTP server.
    4. Identify the IP address of the HTTP or FTP server, because the server's host name is not resolvable by the node.
  5. Install the software on the first node:
    1. On the first node, install the software image: system node image update
      ::*> system node image update -package -replace-package true -setdefault true -background true
    2. Monitor the progress of the installation: system node image show-update-progress
    3. After the installation is complete, reboot the node: system node reboot
      The -inhibit-takeover parameter is not required because the nodes are not yet part of an HA pair.
    4. Wait while the node boots and the Cluster Setup wizard automatically starts on the console.
    5. Press Enter four times to accept the existing settings for the node management LIF.
    6. Set the privilege level to admin: -privilege admin
    7. Log in to the node as the admin user, which does not require a password.
    8. Set the privilege level to advanced: set -privilege advanced
    9. Verify that the software version on the node is correct: system node image show
  6. Repeat the previous step to install the software on the second node.