Replacing a NVRAM DIMM

To replace NVRAM DIMMs in the NVRAM module, you must remove the NVRAM module, open the module, and then replace the target DIMM.


  1. If you are not already grounded, properly ground yourself.
  2. Remove the target NVRAM module from the chassis:
    1. Depress the lettered and numbered cam button.
      The cam button moves away from the chassis.
    2. Rotate the cam latch down until it is in a horizontal position.
      The NVRAM module disengages from the chassis and moves out a few inches.
    3. Remove the NVRAM module from the chassis by pulling on the pull tabs on the sides of the module face.

    Lettered and numbered I/O cam latch
    I/O latch completely unlocked
  3. Set the NVRAM module on a stable surface and remove the cover from the NVRAM module by pushing down on the blue locking button on the cover, and then, while holding down the blue button, slide the lid off the NVRAM module.

    Cover locking button
    DIMM and DIMM ejector tabs
  4. Locate the DIMM to be replaced inside the NVRAM module, and then remove it by pressing down on the DIMM locking tabs and lifting the DIMM out of the socket.
    Each DIMM has an LED next to it that flashes when the DIMM has failed.
  5. Install the replacement DIMM by aligning the DIMM with the socket and gently pushing the DIMM into the socket until the locking tabs lock in place.
  6. Close the cover on the module.
  7. Install the replacement NVRAM module into the chassis:
    1. Align the module with the edges of the chassis opening in slot 6.
    2. Gently slide the module into the slot until the lettered and numbered I/O cam latch begins to engage with the I/O cam pin, and then push the I/O cam latch all the way up to lock the module in place.