SnapManager Oracle
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Secuencias de comandos de ejemplo para admitir bases de datos ASM sin ASMLib


Los scripts de ejemplo están disponibles en el directorio plugins/examples/noasmlib del directorio de instalación de SnapManager para Oracle.


# Run the script which takes the disklist from the asmcmd
# use appropriate user , here grid user is being used to run
# asmcmd command.
su -c "plugins/noasmlib/" -s /bin/sh grid
cat /home/grid/disklist

# Construct the final file as .bak file with propre inputs
awk -v guser=$griduser -v ggroup=$gridgroup '/^\/dev\/mapper/ { print "chown -R "guser":"ggroup" "$1; print "chmod 777 " $1; }' /home/grid/disklist > /etc/initasmdisks.bak

# move the bak file to the actual file.
mv /etc/initasmdisks.bak /etc/initasmdisks

# Set full full permission for this file to be called while rebooting and restore
chmod 777 /etc/initasmdisks

# If the /etc/initasmdisks needs to be updated in all the RAC nodes
# or /etc/initasmdisks script has to be executed in the RAC nodes, then the following
# section needs to be uncommented and used.
# Note: To do scp or running scripts in remote RAC node via ssh, it needs password less login
# for root user with ssh keys shared between the two nodes.
# The following 2 lines are used for updating the file in the RAC nodes:
# scp /etc/initasmdisks root@racnode1:/etc/initasmdisks
# scp /etc/initasmdisks root@racnode2:/etc/initasmdisks
# In order to execute the /etc/initasmdisks in other RAC nodes
# The following must be added to the master RAC node /etc/initasmdisks file
# from the script itself. The above scp transfer will make sure
# the permissions and mode for the disk list contents are transferred to the other RAC nodes
# so now appending any command in the /etc/initasmsdisks will be retained only in the master RAC node.
# The following lines will add entries to the /etc/initasmsdisks file in master RAC node only. When this script is executed
#  master RAC node, /etc/initasmdisks in all the RAC nodes will be executed.
# echo 'ssh racnode1 /etc/initasmdisks' >> /etc/initasmdisks
# echo 'ssh racnode2 /etc/initasmdisks' >> /etc/initasmdisks

export  ORACLE_BASE=/u01/app/oracle
export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/app/grid/product/

# Get the Disk List and save this in a file called dglist.
asmcmd lsdsk  > /home/grid/disklist

# In oracle 10g the above used command 'asmcmd' is not available so use SQL
# query can be used to take the disk list. Need to uncomment the following
# line and comment the above incase oracle 10g is being in use.
# The disk_list.sql script is availbe in this noasmlib examples folder itself
# which can be modified as per customer needs.
# sqlplus "/as sysdba" @/home/grid/disk_list.sql > /home/grid/disklist


# su - oracle
-bash-4.1$ cat disk_list.sql
select path from v$asm_disk;