Contributing to NetApp technical content through GitHub Edit on GitHub Request doc changes

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User documentation for several NetApp products is hosted from GitHub. Anyone who has a GitHub account can contribute to the published content through GitHub.

  1. If you do not already have a GitHub account, create one through

  2. Log in to your GitHub account.

  3. Using a browser, open the topic that you want to contribute.

    You can edit the topic directly or request changes for the topic.

  4. To edit a topic:

    1. Click Edit on GitHub next to the topic title.

      Edit on GitHub

    2. Click the pencil icon and start editing the content.

      The content is written in AsciiDoc, a lightweight markup language.

      Pencil icon

    3. To commit changes, scroll down the page, select Create a new branch for this commit and start a pull request, then click Propose file change.

      GitHub automatically fills in a branch name (for example, username-patch-n) for the change.

      Propose file change

    4. Provide a comment about the edit that you made, then click Create pull request.

      Create pull request

      After you propose the changes, we will review your changes and merge them as appropriate to the GitHub repository to update the documentation.

      You can also view the status of the pull request by clicking Pull requests on the top banner next to the GitHub search box:

      Pull request tab

  5. To request changes for a topic:

    1. Click Request doc changes next to the topic title.

      Request doc changes

      A text box appears, enabling you to provide request details.

    2. Provide details in the text box, and then click Submit new issue to create an issue for your request.

      The text box is prepopulated with the title and URL for the topic. Do not delete this information.

      Submit new issue

      Opening an issue enables collaboration through GitHub comments. You receive email notifications based on the preferences you indicated in your GitHub account settings.

      You can also view the status of the request by clicking Issues on the top banner next to the GitHub search box:

      Issues tab