EMS events that are added automatically to Unified Manager

The following ONTAP EMS events are added automatically to Unified Manager. These events will be generated when triggered on any cluster that Unified Manager is monitoring.

The following EMS events are available when monitoring clusters running ONTAP 9.5 or greater software:

Unified Manager Event name EMS Event name Affected resource Unified Manager severity
Cloud Tier Access Denied for Aggregate Relocation arl.netra.ca.check.failed Aggregate Error
Cloud Tier Access Denied for Aggregate Relocation During Storage Failover gb.netra.ca.check.failed Aggregate Error
FabricPool Mirror Replication Resync Completed wafl.ca.resync.complete Cluster Error
FabricPool Space Nearly Full fabricpool.nearly.full Cluster Error
NVMe-oF Grace Period Started nvmf.graceperiod.start Cluster Warning
NVMe-oF Grace Period Active nvmf.graceperiod.active Cluster Warning
NVMe-oF Grace Period Expired nvmf.graceperiod.expired Cluster Warning
LUN Destroyed lun.destroy LUN Information
Cloud AWS MetaDataConnFail cloud.aws.metadataConnFail Node Error
Cloud AWS IAMCredsExpired cloud.aws.iamCredsExpired Node Error
Cloud AWS IAMCredsInvalid cloud.aws.iamCredsInvalid Node Error
Cloud AWS IAMCredsNotFound cloud.aws.iamCredsNotFound Node Error
Cloud AWS IAMCredsNotInitialized cloud.aws.iamNotInitialized Node Information
Cloud AWS IAMRoleInvalid cloud.aws.iamRoleInvalid Node Error
Cloud AWS IAMRoleNotFound cloud.aws.iamRoleNotFound Node Error
Cloud Tier Host Unresolvable objstore.host.unresolvable Node Error
Cloud Tier Intercluster LIF Down objstore.interclusterlifDown Node Error
Request Mismatch Cloud Tier Signature osc.signatureMismatch Node Error
One of NFSv4 Pools Exhausted Nblade.nfsV4PoolExhaust Node Critical
QoS Monitor Memory Maxed qos.monitor.memory.maxed Node Error
QoS Monitor Memory Abated qos.monitor.memory.abated Node Information
NVMeNS Destroy NVMeNS.destroy Namespace Information
NVMeNS Online NVMeNS.offline Namespace Information
NVMeNS Offline NVMeNS.online Namespace Information
NVMeNS Out of Space NVMeNS.out.of.space Namespace Warning
Synchronous Replication Out Of Sync sms.status.out.of.sync SnapMirror relationship Warning
Synchronous Replication Restored sms.status.in.sync SnapMirror relationship Information
Synchronous Replication Auto Resync Failed sms.resync.attempt.failed SnapMirror relationship Error
Many CIFS Connections Nblade.cifsManyAuths SVM Error
Max CIFS Connection Exceeded Nblade.cifsMaxOpenSameFile SVM Error
Max Number of CIFS Connection Per User Exceeded Nblade.cifsMaxSessPerUsrConn SVM Error
CIFS NetBIOS Name Conflict Nblade.cifsNbNameConflict SVM Error
Attempts to Connect Nonexistent CIFS Share Nblade.cifsNoPrivShare SVM Critical
CIFS Shadow Copy Operation Failed cifs.shadowcopy.failure SVM Error
Virus Found By AV Server Nblade.vscanVirusDetected SVM Error
No AV Server Connection for Virus Scan Nblade.vscanNoScannerConn SVM Critical
No AV Server Registered Nblade.vscanNoRegdScanner SVM Error
No Responsive AV Server Connection Nblade.vscanConnInactive SVM Information
AV Server too Busy to Accept New Scan Request Nblade.vscanConnBackPressure SVM Error
Unauthorized User Attempt to AV Server Nblade.vscanBadUserPrivAccess SVM Error
FlexGroup Constituents Have Space Issues flexgroup.constituents.have.space.issues Volume Error
FlexGroup Constituents Space Status All OK flexgroup.constituents.space.status.all.ok Volume Information
FlexGroup Constituents Have Inodes Issues flexgroup.constituents.have.inodes.issues Volume Error
FlexGroup Constituents Inodes Status All OK flexgroup.constituents.inodes.status.all.ok Volume Information
Volume Logical Space Nearly Full monitor.vol.nearFull.inc.sav Volume Warning
Volume Logical Space Full monitor.vol.full.inc.sav Volume Error
Volume Logical Space Normal monitor.vol.one.ok.inc.sav Volume Information
WAFL Volume AutoSize Fail wafl.vol.autoSize.fail Volume Error
WAFL Volume AutoSize Done wafl.vol.autoSize.done Volume Information
WAFL READDIR File Operation Timeout wafl.readdir.expired Volume Error