security key-manager show

Display key management servers

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


This command displays the key management servers configured on the cluster. This command is not supported when onboard key management is enabled.


{ [-fields <fieldname>, ...]
This specifies the fields that need to be displayed.
| [-status ]
If you specify this parameter, the command displays the status of each key management server.
| [-instance ]}
If you specify this parameter, the command displays information about all entries.
[-node {<nodename>|local}] - Node
This parameter specifies the name of the node that you want to retrieve key management server status for. If parameter is not specified, all nodes will retrieve the key management servers status.
[-address <IP Address>] - Key Manager IP Address
Shows only a key management server registered with the input address. It is also possible to show multiple key management servers.


cluster1::> security key-manager show -address -status -node cluster1

Node                    Registered Key Manager  Status
----------------------  ----------------------  ---------------
cluster1                  available
cluster2                  available