Commands for performing a manual giveback

You can manually initiate a giveback on a node in an HA pair to return storage to the original owner after completing maintenance or resolving any issues that caused the takeover.

If you want to... Use this command...
Give back storage to a partner node storage failover giveback -ofnode nodename
Give back storage even if the partner is not in the waiting for giveback mode storage failover giveback -ofnode nodename -require-partner-waiting false

Do not use this option unless a longer client outage is acceptable.

Give back storage even if processes are vetoing the giveback operation (force the giveback) storage failover giveback -ofnode nodename -override-vetoes true

Use of this option can potentially lead to longer client outage, or aggregates and volumes not coming online after the giveback.

Give back only the CFO aggregates (the root aggregate) storage failover giveback -ofnode nodename -only-cfo-aggregates true
Monitor the progress of giveback after you issue the giveback command storage failover show-giveback