How to determine space usage in an aggregate

You can view space usage by all volumes in one or more aggregates with the aggregate show-space command. This helps you see which volumes are consuming the most space in their containing aggregates so that you can take actions to free more space.

The used space in an aggregate is directly affected by the space used in the FlexVol volumes it contains. Measures that you take to increase space in a volume also affect space in the aggregate.

The following rows are included in the aggregate show-space command output:

The following example shows the aggregate show-space command output for an aggregate whose Snapshot reserve is 5%. If the Snapshot reserve was 0, the row would not be displayed.

cluster1::> storage aggregate show-space 

						Aggregate : wqa_gx106_aggr1

      Feature                                   Used      Used%
      --------------------------------    ----------     ------
      Volume Footprints                      101.0MB         0%
      Aggregate Metadata                       300KB         0%
      Snapshot Reserve                        5.98GB         5%

      Total Used                              6.07GB         5%
      Total Physical Used                    34.82KB         0%