Verifying that the configuration is supported

For reliable operation, you must verify that the entire configuration is supported. The Interoperability Matrix lists the supported configurations for NFS and for Virtual Storage Console.


  1. Go to the Interoperability Matrix to verify that you have a supported combination of the following components:
    • ONTAP software
    • NFS storage protocol
    • ESXi operating system version
    • Guest operating system type and version
    • Virtual Storage Console for VMware vSphere (VSC) software
    • NetApp NFS Plug-In for VAAI
  2. Click the configuration name for the selected configuration.
    Details for that configuration are displayed in the Configuration Details window.
  3. Review the information in the following tabs:
    • Notes

      Lists important alerts and information that are specific to your configuration.

    • Policies and Guidelines

      Provides general guidelines for all NAS configurations.