Managing a FibreBridge bridge from ONTAP

Starting with ONTAP 9.5, you can use the ONTAP CLI to pass FibreBridge commands to the bridge and display the results of those commands.

About this task

Note: Starting with ONTAP 9.8, the storage bridge command is replaced with system bridge. The following steps show the storage bridge command, but if you are running ONTAP 9.8 or later, the system bridge command is preferred.


Run the applicable FibreBridge command within the storage bridge run-cli command: storage bridge run-cli -name bridge-name -command "command-text"

The following command runs the FibreBridge SASPortDisable command from the ONTAP prompt to disable SAS port b on the bridge:

cluster_A::> storage bridge run-cli -name "SASPortDisable b"

SAS Port B has been disabled.