Editing an ILM rule

You might need to edit an ILM rule to change a filter or placement instruction.

Before you begin

About this task

You cannot edit a rule if it is being used in the proposed ILM policy or the active ILM policy. Instead, you can clone these rules and make any required changes to the cloned copy. You also cannot edit the stock ILM rule (Make 2 Copies) or ILM rules created before StorageGRID version 10.3.
Note: Before adding an edited rule to the active ILM policy, be aware that a change to an object's placement instructions might cause an increased load on the system.


  1. Select ILM > Rules.
    The ILM Rules page appears. This page shows all available rules and indicates which rules are being used in the active policy or the proposed policy.

    ILM Rules page
  2. Select a rule that is not being used, and click Edit.
    The Edit ILM Rule wizard opens.

    Edit ILM Rule page
  3. Complete the pages of the Edit ILM Rule wizard, following the steps for creating an ILM rule and using advanced filters, as necessary.
    When editing an ILM rule, you cannot change its name.
  4. Click Save.
    Note: If you edit a rule that is used in a historical policy, an Icon ILM Rule Historical icon appears for the rule when you view the policy, which indicates that the rule has become a historical rule.
    ILM Rule Historical