StorageGRID networking overview

Configuring the networking for a StorageGRID system requires a high level of experience with Ethernet switching, TCP/IP networking, subnets, network routing, and firewalls.

Before you configure networking, become familiar with StorageGRID architecture as described in the Grid primer.

Before you deploy and configure StorageGRID, you must configure the networking infrastructure. Communication needs to occur among all the nodes in the grid and between the grid and external clients and services.

External clients and external services need to connect to StorageGRID networks to perform functions such as the following:

StorageGRID networking must be configured appropriately to handle the traffic for these functions and more.

After you determine which of the three StorageGRID networks you want to use and how those networks will be configured, you can install and configure the StorageGRID nodes by following the appropriate instructions.