Understand Active IQ features

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The Active IQ Digital Advisor Dashboard displays information about the overall status of your storage system. It displays high-level information about wellness of the system, inventory, planning, upgrades, and valuable insights at a watchlist level. You can also view the wellness score of the dashboard. Wellness score provides customers with a consolidated score of their installed base based on the number of high risks and the expired contracts.

When you access Active IQ Digital Advisor for the first time, by default, the information populated in the dashboard is based on your customer ID. You can then create a maximum of 50 dashboards and add watchlists to these dashboards.

You should also be aware of the colors applied to the cards, which indicate the severity and type of risks.

From the Active IQ Digital Advisor Dashboard you can:

  • View multiple dashboards, actionable and useful at-a-glance views of information

  • Gain insights regarding all the risks to your storage system and the actions to mitigate the risks

  • Mitigate risks using Active IQ Unified Manager

  • Upgrade your storage system

  • View storage efficiency ratio, the logical space used, the physical space used, and the total data saved for storage systems running ONTAP 9.1 and later

  • Analyze the performance of your storage devices by viewing the graphical format of performance data

  • Get information about the hardware and software that have expired or are near-expiration within the next 6 months

  • Update your ONTAP firmware using Ansible

  • Get details about systems that have exceeded 90% capacity or are nearing 90% capacity

  • View detailed physical and logical configuration information, including a summary of the cluster and node configuration, the local tier and volume information, the network interface and port information, a stack diagram detailing information about the disks and shelves, and a few cable visualizations

  • Provide cross-stack information and insights that are beneficial for troubleshooting, upgrade assessments, solution validation, and migration

  • Check the compatibility of hosts, and provide upgrade recommendations for host operating systems, drivers, and firmware

  • Arrive at exactly what you want to find in a smarter and faster manner