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Digital Advisor

Integrating with Cloud Insights to view virtual machines details

Contributors netapp-manishc

Digital Advisor is now integrated with Cloud Insights Basic version to provide a full stack inventory and interoperability checks to customers.

The benefits of this integration are:

  • Simplified SaaS monitoring of ONTAP

  • Visibility into VMware full-stack monitoring

  • Productivity savings for customers through automated interoperability checks to help with ONTAP upgrade planning. This results in smoother ONTAP upgrades and reduces risks of incompatibility with hosts.

Note This feature is available only for SupportEdge Advisor, SupportEdge Expert, and Digital Advisor Upgrade contracts.
  1. In the Inventory widget, click Virtual Machines to view the data available in Cloud Insights.

  2. Click the Virtual Machine Overview tab.

  3. Click the Count of ESX Hosts to view information about the host.

  4. Click the ESX Name to navigate to Cloud Insights to view more information.